The rally of Italy Sardinia WRC

The WRC, the World Rally Championship, is the maximum world championship for rally cars, which sees the cars compete in many different routes scattered throughout the world. The world championship also makes a stop in Sardinia in June, with the Italian Sardinia rally, which in the north of the island has its beautiful special stages much appreciated by the public and drivers.

The public is a constant of the Sardinian rally and the advice is to book well in advance, in fact the Sardinian leg is one of the most followed of the whole championship and from all parts of the world the fans compete to not miss this appointment . The occasion is greedy because the climate is always favorable and following a stage of the rally also allows you to appreciate both the coasts and the inland areas of the island, turning the sporting event into a period of summer vacation.

In the 2019 stage, the head office with the village was based in Alghero, in an exceptional historical landscape setting. The race took place on a course made up of 19 special stages:

On the first day, the start will be the Olmedo shakedown, which begins with a start in the spectacular bauxite mine to depart within a dirt path. In the afternoon the pilots will be engaged in the classic super special of Ittiri Arena, where the pilots will leave 2 at a time with crossed paths, challenging each other for the best time.

The second day continues with eight time trials (four repeated twice) that will diverge between Tula, Castelsardo, Tergu-Osilo and Monte Baranta, where a mixed taste of dust and asphalt will begin which will engage the pilots for the whole day. The advice is to choose one stage for the morning and one for the afternoon, always taking into account the closing times of the roads that are published on the official WRC channels

The third day of Saturday is the longest stage of the entire race, made up of six very demanding and very followed specials: the passages include the route of the Coiluna-Loelle, the Monti di Alà and the Monte Lerno which with its very long jump always fascinates pilots and public. Here, too, the advice is to choose a stop in the morning and one in the afternoon, always paying attention to the times that will force you to do early risers in the morning.

The world stage ends on Sunday with the routes divided into four specials all morning, namely the two passages at Cala Flumini and in the power stage of Sassari-Argentiera which will also be broadcast worldwide. The stages are suggestive because they border the sea and allow you to enjoy a fascinating panorama.

Now all you have to do is start studying the next trip, in the meantime enjoy some shots