Wine Sorso

moscato The story of Romangia has always been closely intertwined with that of grape growing and it is a known fact especially at the popular level, as is the fact that asking for a glass of” Sorso wine “means being certain to drink a good wine and excellent. The confirmation of a historical truth widespread among connoisseurs of good wine came recently also thanks to studies made by archaeologists. In the excavations carried out in the village of Geridu , in the town of Sorso, were found several traces of medieval winemaking tradition of the area: charred seeds, pruning hooks for pruning and harvesting , mugs of ceramics used to drink wine, wine vessels. In the area of ​​ Pedraia , in the municipality of Sorso, however, archaeologists found a winemaking facility dug into the limestone, which is engraved on a pillar dated 1602 . Hard to say with precision what were the vines grown until the arrival of the Spaniards, it is certain, however, that in Romangia Cannonau and Moscato (but also Vermentino and Monica) have found their ideal habitat. It is in fact across the Gulf of passing the road that led to the colony and to the port of Turris Libisonis, in which the Romans grew grapes and olives and transporting their products to boarding. After two thousand years, the landscape is intact, as are the crops; remember that passage are also the remains of the Roman villa of Santa Filitica, which in its mosaic floor depicts Bacchus, crowned with grape and vine. The territory of the Romangia , with its unique location and excellent, sandy soils and clay, exposed to the sun and well ventilated, make that ripe grapes in the right way and makes it possible to form a product that leaves no doubt about the genuineness and goodness even in the most refined palates; not for that many wine producers of the Sardinia and the Continent, annually flock to the territory of Sorso looking for this grape that ennobles and increases the level of goodness and wholesomeness of their products.

Among the wines of terrorito the “ Moscato Sorso – Sennori ‘has been recognized DOC in different tipologio: white, dessert, sweet, sparkling wine.

The history of wine is closely intertwined with popular culture, full of simple human values, in which the guest can enjoy the welcome’s always a hard-working people, jealous of a historical, cultural and linguistics, proudly preserved and passed down, known and appreciated beyond the borders of Sardinia. The cultivation of the vine in the territory has ancient origins, as the name suggests, derived from Romanesque, “Romangia”, and it is thanks to this whole story that’s Muscat Sorso- Sennori was recognized DOC , with Presidential Decree of 31.03.1972, published in the Official Gazette no. 193 of 26.07.1972.

In Romangia well as several private producers of wines are also excellent wineries, some of which have won awards at national level.

The top to taste delicious local wines, accompanied with the best products typical of Sorso, cheered by the notes suggestive of musical artists, it was in June the event ” Goblets of Stars “

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