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The legend of the Billellera

The popular legend that circulates around the fountain of the Billellera has deep origins and is a mixture of legend and history that still today hovers in the popular voices. A Gallurese saying says that “Sossù, Calangianus and Lodè are all three” and unites the three municipalities to popular legends of madness, but what madness […]

Wine Sorso

The story of Romangia has always been closely intertwined with that of grape growing and it is a known fact especially at the popular level, as is the fact that asking for a glass of” Sorso wine “means being certain to drink a good wine and excellent. The confirmation of a historical truth widespread among […]

Premio Nazionale per il Riciclo

The City of Sorso participated starting from the XXI Edition of the competition organized by Legambiente and sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment, which rewards local communities, administrators and citizens who have achieved the best results in waste collection and management. This year the municipality also won the special mention of “Comune Riciclone Costiero” […]