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Wine Sorso

The story of Romangia has always been closely intertwined with that of grape growing and it is a known fact especially at the popular level, as is the fact that asking for a glass of” Sorso wine “means being certain to drink a good wine and excellent. The confirmation of a historical truth widespread among […]

Roman Villa of Santa Filitica

The ‘beginning of the archaeological investigations dating back to 1980. From 1982 to 1989 have followed short excavations annually. The complex consists of Roman Empire and spa, whose rooms are all richly decorated with polychrome mosaics are exhibited at the Archaeological Exhibition in permanent Baronial Palace of Sip Biddas now a museum. The archaeological area of ​​Santa Filitica after a short period of decay, due to the absence of its inhabitants, was affected by a new settlement formed by dry brick houses, built around the Roman villa, used as a place of burial . The search resumed in 1997 …