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The costume Sorso

The recent history of costume Sorso is quite curious and finds its origin almost by accident at the end of 2001, when the CCRS SORSO , while preparing an exhibition of postcards and photographs enlarged in the country , starting from a collection of Honorary President Mr. Petronio Pani , found themselves in some postcards […]

The Athletics to Sorso

The history of athletics at Sorso goes hand in hand with the company CCRS Sorso , who was born inside the Cultural Center of Sorso , historical association active since 1979, with the intention of giving birth to a society of Athletics that ripercorresse the path already taken Sorso from athletics , the company active in the 70s.

The Company deals with young people to practice the discipline of ‘ Athletics starting them initially – Sports Leisure activities , aimed at integrating the group and the development of motor skills and coordinative .

The CCRS Sorso began his career in 1987 in the premises of the Sports Hall , (now the Municipal Library ) , and then finally put its operational headquarters in New Stadio Comunale Via Puggioni , which settles the technical staff and management of the company, among which we can not help but mention the historical figure of Petronius Pani , making that its values ​​of sharing, humility , brotherhood , convinced that the cultural richness of each human person could contribute to the growth of the company , he turned and formed a society of athletics in a family home in which to grow through healthy values ​​.

The local language as a cultural resource. Garthmann … who is he?

One of the fundamental components of our cultural heritage is represented by Sorso dialect, which was observed with scientific interest a long time ago and that we must take a cue if we want to safeguard and strengthen our identity.

Surprisingly, today, its deep commitment to the language and dialects of the islanders by Wagner and many of his students, at a time when there was not nearly the danger of a loss of linguistic competence on the part of Sardis.

At a time when the theme dismissive of literary language to focus its attention on local dialects, the German linguist addressed his students, including Christian Garthmann towards a systematic and extensive field work so that they could get close, albeit for a short period, with the agro-pastoral society which generated such dialects.