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Wine Sorso

The story of Romangia has always been closely intertwined with that of grape growing and it is a known fact especially at the popular level, as is the fact that asking for a glass of” Sorso wine “means being certain to drink a good wine and excellent. The confirmation of a historical truth widespread among […]

The Museum Biddas

Biddas, the villages abandonment’ s museum of Sardinia won national aword Riccardo Francovich like “best exemple in Italy of presentation and disclousure of archaelogical heritage of Middle age”.

museum is the first museum in Italy dedicated to the theme of depopulation and abandonment of settlements.

Biddas, situated inside the Baronial Palace of Sorso, illustates the Sardinian case with a journey back in time, from our days until the medieval village of Geridu, to which is dedicated an entire room of museum.

Biddas museum is a place where the reality of depopulation is recreated through the interweaving of Sociology, Anthopology and Archeology, in a complex environment that involves the visitor with enveloping suggestion of sounds, reconstructions and contact with authentic materials.

Medieval village of Geridu

Of the village it has been reported from the twelfth century in some written sources of Liguria and Tuscany, until you get to the Aragonese documents drawn up between the mid-fourteenth to mid-seventeenth century.
The village of Geridu administratively placed in Curatoria of Romangia, together with the countries of Sip, Sennori, Gennor, Taniga and Uruspe, began to undergo the phenomenon dell’emigrazioni from the second half of the fourteenth century, and up to its complete extinction in the early decades of the sixteenth century, almost certainly caused by a heavy tax burden on the part of Sassari and the Aragonese, as well as by pestilence and by the guerrillas. To learn more we recommend a visit to the Archaeological Museum “GASanna” of Sassari – Mediaeval – and the Museum Theme “Biddas” at the Baron’s Palace in Sorso.