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Die Dynastie, die Sorso der Woche Rätsel erstellt

the Adventure of the invention of the ” Week Puzzles ” seems to jump out of a novel ” Buddenbrooks” .

George is the firstborn upon which the hopes of his father Francesco , the engineer of agricultural and industrial machinery trader who was able to consolidate the social and economic position inherited from ancestors . But in the history of the scion plays the role of a young carefree and loose media . A dandy who turns to Cagliari aboard a tractor with a liveried waiter at his side and takes pictures with friends dressed in the latest fashion and mentions a dance step and writing in the word ” Hollywood in Cagliari .”

Yet his father had tried to ” straighten ” sending him to work as a laborer in the Magneti – Marelli , owned by friends, with the warning : ” Woe to you if you say you are my son … “. After this experience , in 1924 will hasten to obtain a degree in electronic engineering in Liege and begin to work in his father . Of course the location of the “shoulder ” is the narrow, and in 1930 decided to move to Milan.

The desire to

personal statement is accompanied by the love affair with the beautiful girl Viennese Breitenfeld Idell (Ida ) , who will soon marry and love for life . The disapproval of his father Francesco is total and it follows the immediate closure of ” taps ” of funding.

At this point, George is a young man who has to start from scratch, is this bohemian atmosphere that the idea of a newspaper puzzles like the ones that have a huge success in Austria, the country of his wife Ida. In 1932 the apartment of the young couple – two rooms for rent – becomes the magazine’s editorial board .