The pond and juniper Platamona

pollo sultanoA walk of 4,700 meters , return , surrounded by nature in contact with the flora and fauna that inhabits this wonderful glimpse of northwest Sardinia. And ‘ the park pond and juniper Platamona , a few miles from Sip , just ten minutes from Sassari and a stone’s throw from Porto Torres .

In the brochure prepared by the City of Sip , which falls within the territory , ” the pond of Platamona , whose name derives from the greek and means flat surface , it is a shallow lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation and varied composed of rare plants marsh and Sardinian -Corsican . For lovers of bird watching the pool offers the opportunity to observe many species of migratory birds and rare birds . The pond is recognized as a nature reserve and as a site of Community interest ” .

A large reception area with a Center for Environmental Education , introduces you to a journey in the countryside that are worth go, approximately 4,700 meters of walking, there and back , along a path that alternates land in wooden piers on the banks of pond with tall reeds that form the shore , the vegetation is varied and you will encounter a mix of pines , juniper , reed , Eucalyptus Orchids in a union that represents very well the Mediterranean vegetation.

An area for bird watching and a pier (additional cost ) introduce the observation of birds that inhabit the lagoon and the rest of the fauna , among which one can observe various species such as the Chicken Sultan, the Purple Heron , the ferruginous duck , mallards and coots .

” The pond – we read on the website of the City of Sip – is characterized by a high level of biodiversity , and to be an important area for nesting or step for many species of migratory birds or not. Among the various species of the elusive Chicken Sultan was chosen as the mascot of the site . “

Also in attendance were the beautiful and spacious play areas for children in the vicinity of picnic areas , a bowling green where fun together after lunch in the area and a bicycle and electric wheelchairs aids for the disabled.

A set of services that in the summer time it strengthens the tourist information center at the disposal of tourists and locals alike .


For info and schedule:

Tel e Fax 079/311353


Under the “Council Directive on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora” n. 92/43/EEC has been classified as a Site of Community Importance (SCI ITB010003). In addition, a wider area, covering approximately 250 ha which includes the pond itself, was declared a “permanent oasis of wildlife protection and capture” with DA the Autonomous Region of Sardinia n. 18 of 31.01.1996.



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