Prepare Li cozzuli

Li cozzuli
Also called Tiricche , sweets are the Easter period , consisting of a crispy pastry and a delicious filling of almond paste and sapa (boiled must ) .

Ingredients for the pastry
. 1 kg of flour semolata of granite type
. 250 g . lard

Ingredients for the filling

. 250 g . flour semolata coarse
. 150 g . of sweet almonds , shelled and peeled
. 1 liter of sapa (boiled must )
. grated rind of two oranges


Finely chop the almonds and aggiungiamole to sapa . Grattugiamo the peel of oranges and add to the mixture of coarse semolina flour until the dough is fairly consistent from which to create the rolls uniforms.
To prepare the dough , slowly add warm water to the flour and then the lard to make a soft dough . Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and cut out rectangles of 15 cm .
Place in the center of each rectangle of dough to roll a piece of stuffing and fold back the top edges where it almost cover it . Fold to create a ring and bake at 120-150 degrees for 15 minutes.

The sheet of cozzuli is called in sorsese “pitta” and its realization is usually impastandala, by hand, on top of a table made in wood, uncovered his tablecloth

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