Prepare Li birighitti


The Birighitti or pirichittos are balls of irregular shape with the scent of lemon ( add some anise to give them more flavor). Perfect to accompany with a good muscat , are quick and easy implementation .

Ingredients :
300 grams of flour
6 eggs
a glass of olive oil

the hood :
400 grams of sugar
Zest of 1 lemon

Slowly add flour and oil to the five beaten eggs into the bowl . Mix slowly until dough is smooth and soft , and add the egg advanced. Flour the hands and make small balls of dough to be placed on the baking sheet at a certain distance between them. Bake at 120 degrees and cook for about 15 minutes until the balls do not reach a nice golden color and are well cooked inside and out.
Let them cool and prepare the hood.
Take a large pan (or a wok ) and put in sugar, lemon zest and a nice glass of water. We turn continuously heat and let the mixture over low heat (otherwise the sugar becomes caramel !) Until a syrup seem colorless and dense. At this point, we are ready to immerse our pirichittos into the pot and leave , stirring constantly, until it is snug against the hood to form a rough and uneven coverage . Let them cool for at least an hour and enjoy them !
If sometimes you can opt for a variant of “artistic” : do not put the cakes in the pan with the sugar but be casting the mixture slowly over the pellets in such a way as to create curved lines or other decorations of great visual impact !
Ps: are sweet , long-life , then you can prepare in large quantities without risking they go bad .
At this point there are only two solutions : go to Sip and savor these and other products or try to make them at home!


This type of sweet was typical of marriages, in fact the newlyweds with big baskets full of sweets, including Birighitti, roamed the homes of relatives and friends, in return for which it was a good idea to leave money or other gifts.

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