Premio Nazionale per il Riciclo

The City of Sorso participated starting from the XXI Edition of the competition organized by Legambiente and sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment, which rewards local communities, administrators and citizens who have achieved the best results in waste collection and management. This year the municipality also won the special mention of “Comune Riciclone Costiero” for the activities undertaken in the environmental field. The correct management of waste, aimed at strengthening the separate waste collection service, has been and is one of the cornerstones of the Government Program. On this basis, administrative activity continues, starting with the start of separate waste collection from 2011: door to door, in the urban center and through ecological islands, in the countryside and in the coastal strip. The separate waste collection project, followed by the Department of Environmental Policies, & nbsp; they have pursued the intent, with the shared will to achieve the goal of improving the service and to urge citizens to take better care of our environment, so that Sorso is cleaner. Today, we note the virtuosity of citizens, who have been able to respond in a timely manner to the daily responsibility of differentiating waste, ensuring that the percentage of separate collection, for the year 2013, settles at 72.04%. The challenge, of course, is open and the objective must be that of a continuous crescendo, from the administration with a better organization, while from the citizens with a greater attention to the environment. It is the intention of the new political-administrative line to improve the performances achieved so far, not only in relation to the management of the collection service, but by embracing and supporting collateral initiatives, which concern the Environmental Policies in a more general sense, in concert with the other sectors. A beautiful silver medal that pushes you to continue on this path, with greater commitment, to finish first next year.comuni-ricicloni2014comuni-ricicloni2014

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