The Museum Biddas

Not13biddas1GBiddas, the villages abandonment’ s museum of Sardinia won national aword Riccardo Francovich like “best exemple in Italy of presentation and disclousure of archaelogical heritage of Middle age”.

museum is the first museum in Italy dedicated to the theme of depopulation and abandonment of settlements.

Biddas, situated inside the Baronial Palace of Sorso, illustates the Sardinian case with a journey back in time, from our days until the medieval village of Geridu, to which is dedicated an entire room of museum.

Biddas museum is a place where the reality of depopulation is recreated through the interweaving of Sociology, Anthopology and Archeology, in a complex environment that involves the visitor with enveloping suggestion of sounds, reconstructions and contact with authentic materials.

Using a modern and effective system of communication, with multimedia laboratories, the museum was created aslo like Children’s Museum.

Gianuario, the virtual child of Geridu village, accompanies the young visitors in a simple and fun journey, which explains the different themes of the museum.

In this regard, Biddas museum offers guided tours and educational activites designed for young pupils in schools in order to raise awareness and knowledge of the contents present in the museum.


Inside the museum is a space reserved for children who can try performing the work of archeology, as if they were in a real archaeological excavation


Opening hours:

Tuesday: 09-13 / 15:30 to 18:30   Thursday: 09-13 / 15:30 to 18:30

Friday: 10-13                                     Sunday: 09-13

Friday: 09-13

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