The Athletics to Sorso

200The history of athletics at Sorso goes hand in hand with the company CCRS Sorso , who was born inside the Cultural Center of Sorso , historical association active since 1979, with the intention of giving birth to a society of Athletics that ripercorresse the path already taken Sorso from athletics , the company active in the 70s.

The Company deals with young people to practice the discipline of ‘ Athletics starting them initially – Sports Leisure activities , aimed at integrating the group and the development of motor skills and coordinative .

The CCRS Sorso began his career in 1987 in the premises of the Sports Hall , (now the Municipal Library ) , and then finally put its operational headquarters in New Stadio Comunale Via Puggioni , which settles the technical staff and management of the company, among which we can not help but mention the historical figure of Petronius Pani , making that its values ​​of sharing, humility , brotherhood , convinced that the cultural richness of each human person could contribute to the growth of the company , he turned and formed a society of athletics in a family home in which to grow through healthy values ​​.

There are more than 1,000 boys and girls during the 25 years of activity have been enrolled with this company and many were the results and titles won by his athletes in the field of Regional and National . Every year they all meet together at Christmas time to celebrate another year of joy and remembrance that was the past , giving a look to the future and reviewing in those same athletes today the enthusiasm that had them at the same age .

Just to remind some historic achievements : victory in 1992 Championship of companies to cross students : (Are Franco, Francesco Canu , Obino Filiberto , Alessio Polo , Polo William , Greenhouse Proto ) The 2nd place at the Italian Championships Cadet / and Sara Delrio , the current record holder Regional under-17 Championship in the High Jump . 2nd place in 1994 in Camaiore to the Youth Games to ( Cross) Middle School Sennori : Malzai , Marras , Solinas , all athletes of the CCRS . Without forgetting the countless appearances at the National Championships and won many regional titles over the past 25 years.

The 2013 season was a season full of satisfaction . The company closed the financial year with 129 members, 4 junior teams in business ( Beginners , Kids, Cadets , Juniors ) , a team Absolute (Junior – Senior) and a Masters ( over 35) . Take home among the youth categories 2 titles provincial team ( rookies and girls) as well as the excellent 3rd position in the ranking of the girls Regional category.

In the field of individual athletes conquer the CCRS : 10 individual provincial titles , the title of Regional brackets rookies ( A.Corazza , M.Cappai , G.Farru , R.Pisanu ), currently the 3rd National Performance category , and the regional title students won by Joan Deiosso in 400hs , as well as the numerous podium finishes .

Great season for the Overall Category , where Simona Pinna his first year as Junior brings home : the title in the Regional Indoor and Outdoor High Jump , 1st place in the ranking of ” Superpremio ” Jumps in specialty and 8th position at the Italian Junior Championships held in Rieri (2nd if we consider the athletes born in 1995).

Do not forget the excellent results obtained from the master team where everyone stands on the name of Gianfranco Rozzo that is evidenced in the numerous races in which our Runners participated.

The athletics track is currently managed by the company itself and can be used , upon request , even for non – competitive or recreational sports , for more information you can contact the company through the following links :





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