The story of Our Lady of Noli Me Tollere


Stop or passenger

And bowing his head,

greets from Heaven

the great Queen,

Maria Noli Me Tollere”


It is said that ….

…. back in 1208 near the marina Sorso , a poor man , mute from birth, the Virgin Mary appeared while trying to live wood .

It was a spring day , May 26 , when the man was blinded by the light emanating from the white beauty of the Virgin who asked him to take her message to the priests and neighbors : ” Come and get me !

He wanted to be with them and protect them.

The man thought he was not able to fulfill the desire of the Virgin and could not tell what he was asked for his difficulty in expressing themselves , but the Holy urged him , saying, ” You do understand.”

Arrived in the country , the dumb went to the parish priest and the men of the authorities and tried to make himself understood through gestures , people flocked to the novelty of the event and at the same time the man began to speak. The wonder to hear the man speak was such that it was thought a miracle ! This confirmed what he was telling himself with his words .

The wise priest , after listening to him , he gathered the people faithful to fetch you that would save them from the invasion of evil Christians and Saracens , exhorting them to gratitude and hope. The sorsensi walked on a pilgrimage to the place where the man healed , the Virgin Mary appeared . In the sea they found a statue of the Blessed Virgin , with immense reverence and gratitude for the grace received , they brought in the parish church of San Pantaleo . Their minds were filled with joy : ” Blessed is Sorso ” ” Sorso will be preserved from the evils ! “

But the next day the statue was gone. The news of his death had spread quickly throughout the country . The desperation spread among the inhabitants , already nostalgic for the joy of the previous day and desperate to misfortune . It was thought that the statue had been stolen , was sought by men on horseback, were beaten all the streets , the countryside and the neighboring countries , it was a day of tears and at night all prayed that the statue was found.

On May 28 , a Saturday, a man who went on the field at the bottom of the country in search of his oxen , he saw the statue of the Madonna and Child on an olive tree . He ran to the village to break the news , people jumped in shock and tears of sorrow became tears of joy. The statue was carried in procession by the devotees , for the second time , in the church of San Pantaleo .

But again , the next day , the statue was gone. All returned to the place where she had been found the previous time, was there, on the same tree . Under his feet was a marble stone engraved with about Noli Me Tollere , ” Do not take away from here.Many did not understand the words of the message, but everyone knew that the site had been chosen by God and His Blessed Mother , like your home.

The priest together with the faithful quickly made a vow to build a shrine there , the statue remained in the parish until it was built the country church .

On June 4 , on Sunday , they gathered together the laity and the clergy , and after an inspection, it was traced a cross on the ground at the point of discovery.

The church was built in less than a year , thanks to the relentless work of the faithful began immediately after the promise . The altar was built where it was planted the tree on which the statue was found that, once work was completed , it was moved into the new house of God and sorsensi could begin to celebrate the solemn festivities in his honor .

The people of Sorso faithful over the centuries to Our Lady of Noli Me Tollere , tells of the many miracles that took place thanks to the Blessed Virgin , the liberation of the invaders to the conservation of the country at that time , although it was located by the sea , it was not the object of attack enemies.

Initially, the facade of the Church of the field had turned towards the sea , but in more recent times was demolished to build a new one with the Virgin Mary facing the country.



Inside the path away from Tirso extends to the square of the shrine of Noli Me Tollere we can find the five stations votive, these are omaggiate by pilgrims who every day go to the country church, especially during the period of May


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