Die Dynastie, die Sorso der Woche Rätsel erstellt

Settimana-Enigmistica-1b the Adventure of the invention of the ” Week Puzzles ” seems to jump out of a novel ” Buddenbrooks” .

George is the firstborn upon which the hopes of his father Francesco , the engineer of agricultural and industrial machinery trader who was able to consolidate the social and economic position inherited from ancestors . But in the history of the scion plays the role of a young carefree and loose media . A dandy who turns to Cagliari aboard a tractor with a liveried waiter at his side and takes pictures with friends dressed in the latest fashion and mentions a dance step and writing in the word ” Hollywood in Cagliari .”

Yet his father had tried to ” straighten ” sending him to work as a laborer in the Magneti – Marelli , owned by friends, with the warning : ” Woe to you if you say you are my son … “. After this experience , in 1924 will hasten to obtain a degree in electronic engineering in Liege and begin to work in his father . Of course the location of the “shoulder ” is the narrow, and in 1930 decided to move to Milan.

The desire to

personal statement is accompanied by the love affair with the beautiful girl Viennese Breitenfeld Idell (Ida ) , who will soon marry and love for life . The disapproval of his father Francesco is total and it follows the immediate closure of ” taps ” of funding.

At this point, George is a young man who has to start from scratch, is this bohemian atmosphere that the idea of a newspaper puzzles like the ones that have a huge success in Austria, the country of his wife Ida. In 1932 the apartment of the young couple – two rooms for rent – becomes the magazine’s editorial board .

Into the book of Joseph Zichi shows the correspondence between George and his sister Gigina ” In the secret of the letter – the author explains – you can see the power of the ideas of George and at the same time the desperation of a young man who stands alone to manage a task as important as the birth of a newspaper . ‘ Scion confident puts aside his pride to ask for help to the sisters. Gigina , for example, had sent the money as a gift from his father for Christmas. But these are not enough. Another road already traveled in the past , is to sell some of the properties in Sardinia , ” no easy task on an island in which the prevailing lack of liquidity ,” explains Joseph Zichi , which adds: ” to address the first steps had been forced to commit to the pawnbroker some of the more expensive items , including a precious cigarette , which will find it hard not to be able to just before release , causing great bitterness in his father . ‘

Only a year later, however, the situation seemed to have improved , so as to enable it to retrieve the objects involved . Now , unlike when he was left almost without notice Sardinia , the father is there to help him and harmony has returned to the family. After many vicissitudes the idea of ​​a newspaper crossword puzzle materializes, a revolutionary event for the publishing world and absolutely new for Italy . ” The Week Puzzles ” becomes the common object that we all know , sanctioned the ” brain gym ” as mass entertainment in a country plagued by illiteracy and widespread represents a turning point and the signal changing times.

From that moment on ” The Week Puzzles ” will have ” countless imitations ” , with a long series of court cases that will be referenced in the conception of copyright . Its success is such that hundreds of thousands of copies are sent to the front as ” mental refreshment ” for the soldiers , gifts that guarantee George Sisini , ” single editor and then irreplaceable < /em > ” , exemption from military service. Even in the terrible days of the war , with the printing paper rationed and bombed , the newspaper does not fail to exit . Only in 1945 the “historical events of recent weeks ” determine the irregularity of publication.

The formula of the “Week ” will be always similar to itself , survive to this day the head drawn directly from George Sisini and rejection of advertising , the strict succession of the color of the heading: blue , green and red (red numbers in multiples of three ) . This escape any restyling recreates a somewhat ‘ out of time, the black out of the mind, a ” torpor active” and a relaxed atmosphere that only manages to create puzzles . The magazine became an icon family , present and cited in many films and sung by Elvis in ” Jazz Under the Stars ” regrets “the time made ​​of moments / weeks and enigmistiche … “

source: La Nuova Sardegna of November 12, 2013

The typography of the magazine is well-established for many years, many games and headings retain the same page placement for decades, the headboard can assume one of the following three colors: blue, green and red (red numbers in multiples of three); alternate colors in the order specified


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