The Rumundu project

rumunduRumundu born in Australia December 1, 2010, where I was to attend the Ironman when un’italo Australian-known for the case, and a friend invited me to stay with her because he believed that we could not sleep in the van. That morning I wrote the idea of ​​a container to collect life stories from around the world, may he rest in a drawer to carry out while in a company founded with some friends and take my advice. In August 2012 I opened the drawer. Well attended with Rumundu the Startup School Foundation Mind the Bridge in San Francisco, where the project was selected among the four finalists. By the way … the name “Rumundu” is the work of my grandmother , that the return from a trip he asked me in dialect, with its ninety serenity “but you’re in giru Country: Contemporary pa ru mundu?”, which means “but you’re always around the world?”. It was Rumundu! This name, with his voice, draws concepts deeply tied to the land, evokes ancestral sounds, smooth and round, able to conduct visually spaces that only nature can give us. Rumundu was created to give a voice to a community of people, with their stories, micro worlds, moments and sustainable lifestyles, which move in contrast to the prevailing consumerist model. I will listen to the views of those who have chosen, for example, to live in an ecovillage, up to that of the CEO of a multinational company which “should” deal with the corporate social responsibility. The money collected will be used to discover, develop and disseminate a virtue too often forgotten: common sense.
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