The typical bread

paneThe Sardinia boasts a wide choice of typical breads ranging from the most well-known carasau to flatten until potatoes and bread loaves. The City of Sip in 2011 has certified a 4 typical products with DE.CO. (Certification Designation Municipal) witnessing the membership of their typical products: There are two types of bread: “lu tondu” and the “biscottu ipparraddu” and two desserts: they “cozzuli” and them “Birighitti.”
Lu tondu
Form rotondeggiamente, Lu tondu is a loaf of bread with wings on the side or at the top called “cuggoni.” The preparation requires several hours and a handwork able to confer softness and taste.

Ingredients and preparation :

  • 5 kg of granulated flour of durum wheat
  • Flour 00
  • 3 liters of water
  • Brewer’s yeast (or sourdough)
  • Sale

Mix all the ingredients until dough is smooth and compact, and let it stand for favoring the rising waiting at least two hours before working the mixture by hand. Therefore achieve the panels of various sizes and cook in the oven for about 20 minutes until the train part of the crust. Remove the bread from the oven and still work with your hands to form warts: rinfornare for another 40 minutes until the crust will not be very crisp.

How to taste
Great alone or to accompany dishes with tasty garlic bread, this loaf, when small you can reproduce in his version of “poor”, as realized by the farmers who were preparing to spend a long (and hot) day in the fields.
Just cut the bread on its top and set aside the “cap” seems to remove the crumb and then slide the garlic cloves along its inner edges, add the extra virgin olive oil, tomato and chopped a few basil leaves (to taste, even anchovies or capers). At this point you just replace the cap and close the loaf “stuffed”. It ‘better to wrap it in cellophane and let her taste.
This preparation allowed the farmers to have a fresh and hearty meal can be enjoyed soaking in parts of the projections of the bread itself.

Lu bischottu ipparraddu
It is a local variant of carasau with a sheet thicker and fragrant.

Dividing the round for half and emptying the crumb and inserting inside a dressing made ​​of tomatoes, olive oil and salt takes place, what is called “lu cuggoni”

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