The typical sweets

dolci tipiciThe traditional Sardinian sweets are not serving either the spoon, but from the tray. An integral part of meals, can not miss the conclusion of lunches and dinners in the name of tradition , and there is no self-respecting restaurant that does not serve them on the table after a meal accompanied by a local liqueur. There is a huge variety of treats , each island territory has its characteristic , and in any area they are assigned different names. To achieve these cakes are needed for certain products that can be “new” , but thinking about it just because these may appear ousted in time not so remote from refrigerators and pantries .
Saba , cottage cheese , almonds and honey , just a few ingredients and already there is riapropria of fragrances , flavors and scents of the magical island .

The City of Sip in 2011 certified ” cozzuli ” and them ” Birighitti ” with the DE.CO. ( Certification Designation Municipal ) witnessing the membership of their typical products. Besides these , however, in the area they are also produced other , including:

Soft cheeses, which are still made ​​in the home, usually in two variants, with or without raisins, are called “casgiaddini” and they are small patties made ​​with ricotta cheese or cottage cheese.
papassini 1The papassini them pabbassini in sorsese, which are sweet from a common origin but different in each country of Sardinia, and so called because of the fact that one of the main components is the sultanas (pabassa). The base of pastry contains eggs, a little sugar and a little lard and stuffed with chopped almonds and roasted nuts, although the tradition is carried out mainly sunny sorsese almonds.
Their preparation is traditionally linked to autumn, when the raisin reaches the right degree of ripeness, but papassini is also associated with the coffee and the digestive and he often makes use also in the breakfast.
A Sip are achieved in two variants, with or without a hood, a garnish made ​​with whipped egg and sugar, which are sometimes imprezioti with devils, dots of colored sugar with which to embellish the cakes.
The macaroons, which are distributed sweets the whole island, mainly offered in almost all the celebrations and appreciated by older people, a little less by children. They have a round shape and mostly are made of a paste of almonds, sweet and bitter, that only experience can do expertly incorporated into a compound or neither too sweet nor too bitter.
It is traditional for the homemade desserts more families to join together and do the work. A production finished the most beautiful cakes are lying in straw baskets ready to be given away, while the desserts are perfect diffettati or not those who go to the palates of children in the area



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