Wine Sorso

The story of Romangia has always been closely intertwined with that of grape growing and it is a known fact especially at the popular level, as is the fact that asking for a glass of” Sorso wine “means being certain to drink a good wine and excellent. The confirmation of a historical truth widespread among […]

Prepare Li birighitti


The Birighitti or pirichittos are balls of irregular shape with the scent of lemon ( add some anise to give them more flavor). Perfect to accompany with a good muscat , are quick and easy implementation .

Ingredients :
300 grams of flour
6 eggs
a glass of olive oil

the hood :
400 grams of sugar
Zest of 1 lemon

Prepare Li cozzuli

Li cozzuli
Also called Tiricche , sweets are the Easter period , consisting of a crispy pastry and a delicious filling of almond paste and sapa (boiled must ) .

Ingredients for the pastry
. 1 kg of flour semolata of granite type
. 250 g . lard

Ingredients for the filling

. 250 g . flour semolata coarse
. 150 g . of sweet almonds , shelled and peeled
. 1 liter of sapa (boiled must )
. grated rind of two oranges

The typical bread

The Sardinia boasts a wide choice of typical breads ranging from the most well-known carasau to flatten until potatoes and bread loaves. The City of Sip in 2011 has certified a 4 typical products with DE.CO. (Certification Designation Municipal) witnessing the membership of their typical products: There are two types of bread: “lu tondu” and the “biscottu ipparraddu” and two desserts: they “cozzuli” and them “Birighitti.”
Lu tondu
Form rotondeggiamente, Lu tondu is a loaf of bread with wings on the side or at the top called “cuggoni.” The preparation requires several hours and a handwork able to confer softness and taste.

The typical sweets

The traditional Sardinian sweets are not serving either the spoon, but from the tray. An integral part of meals, can not miss the conclusion of lunches and dinners in the name of tradition , and there is no self-respecting restaurant that does not serve them on the table after a meal accompanied by a local liqueur. There is a huge variety of treats , each island territory has its characteristic , and in any area they are assigned different names. To achieve these cakes are needed for certain products that can be “new” , but thinking about it just because these may appear ousted in time not so remote from refrigerators and pantries .
Saba , cottage cheese , almonds and honey , just a few ingredients and already there is riapropria of fragrances , flavors and scents of the magical island .

The City of Sip in 2011 certified ” cozzuli ” and them ” Birighitti ” with the DE.CO.