The legend of the Billellera

The popular legend that circulates around the fountain of the Billellera has deep origins and is a mixture of legend and history that still today hovers in the popular voices. A Gallurese saying says that “Sossù, Calangianus and Lodè are all three” and unites the three municipalities to popular legends of madness, but what madness […]

The costume Sorso

The recent history of costume Sorso is quite curious and finds its origin almost by accident at the end of 2001, when the CCRS SORSO , while preparing an exhibition of postcards and photographs enlarged in the country , starting from a collection of Honorary President Mr. Petronio Pani , found themselves in some postcards […]

The story of Our Lady of Noli Me Tollere

“Stop or passengerAnd bowing his head,greets from Heaventhe great Queen, Maria Noli Me Tollere”   It is said that ….…. back in 1208 near the marina Sorso , a poor man , mute from birth, the Virgin Mary appeared while trying to live wood .It was a spring day , May 26 , when the […]

Die Dynastie, die Sorso der Woche Rätsel erstellt

the Adventure of the invention of the ” Week Puzzles ” seems to jump out of a novel ” Buddenbrooks” .

George is the firstborn upon which the hopes of his father Francesco , the engineer of agricultural and industrial machinery trader who was able to consolidate the social and economic position inherited from ancestors . But in the history of the scion plays the role of a young carefree and loose media . A dandy who turns to Cagliari aboard a tractor with a liveried waiter at his side and takes pictures with friends dressed in the latest fashion and mentions a dance step and writing in the word ” Hollywood in Cagliari .”

Yet his father had tried to ” straighten ” sending him to work as a laborer in the Magneti – Marelli , owned by friends, with the warning : ” Woe to you if you say you are my son … “. After this experience , in 1924 will hasten to obtain a degree in electronic engineering in Liege and begin to work in his father . Of course the location of the “shoulder ” is the narrow, and in 1930 decided to move to Milan.

The desire to

personal statement is accompanied by the love affair with the beautiful girl Viennese Breitenfeld Idell (Ida ) , who will soon marry and love for life . The disapproval of his father Francesco is total and it follows the immediate closure of ” taps ” of funding.

At this point, George is a young man who has to start from scratch, is this bohemian atmosphere that the idea of a newspaper puzzles like the ones that have a huge success in Austria, the country of his wife Ida. In 1932 the apartment of the young couple – two rooms for rent – becomes the magazine’s editorial board .

San Pantaleo in Sorso and the mystery of Barisone III

Among the arguments in support of the antiquity of the Parish of Sip and its importance within the policy judged , there is also one relating to the killing of Judge Torres Sip Barisone III , and his alleged burial in the church of San Pantaleo .

If it finds a mention in a report parish written in 1839 in response to questionnaires bishop .

The parish priest Don Lorenzo Nura, wrote in 1839 [1] in the church of San Pantaleo had been present Barisone the tomb of King III of Torres, as appeared by an inscription engraved on a tombstone . We know also that the Theologian Don Salvatore Oggiano , Nura ‘s predecessor at the helm of the parish, had given the historic Sardinian Pasquale Tola , during a visit to the scholar Sip , the news about the tombstone of the young prince , as proof of Sip in his killing and burial in the church of San Pantaleo .